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Quintes has effectively positioned itself to serve the Cannabis industry as final rules have been released by the US Department of Labor and the IRS extending the opportunity for Cannabis companies to form Associations and thus participate in a 401(k). These Associations can come in the form of traditional Multiple Employer Pools (MEPs) or Pooled Employer Pools (PEPs – which became law on December 31, 2020). Although these regulations extend 401(k) savings opportunities to your company and employees, you still need to rely upon a seasoned professional service provider that is positioned to guide and establish your plan. Until cannabis becomes federally legal, most large financial institutions remain unwilling to provide retirement plan services for Cannabis companies.

Quintes – your Cannabis 401(k) partner

Quintes understands the headwinds you face when recruiting and retaining employees for the long-term without an attractive benefits program. That’s all changed now. Our Cannabis 401(k) Plan is available in all 50 states, and allows your executives & employees to save for retirement on a tax-beneficial basis. We’ve dedicated ourselves to maintaining a robust and seasoned team of professionals that can offer your company a comprehensive 401(k) solution from plan design, implementation, administration, investment oversight, and compliance.

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Whether your company is looking to create, add or enhance your retirement plan, our team can design a plan that meets your needs. Quintes serves more than 400 retirement plans, and our consultants may include the following plans in your custom retirement plan.