Chance Angell

Chief Technology Officer

Chance Angell brings more than 22 years of hands-on experience in information systems, information technologies, and operations to Quintes. As Chief Technology Officer (CTO), Chance oversees the architecture and implementation of all operational and business support systems that Quintes uses to operate and manage the business, as well as the design and development of unique solutions that will define Quintes as a leader in the retirement planning and 401(k) field.

In addition, he is responsible for providing the Quintes team timely access to performance-related information, so they can better manage their solutions and their businesses, as well as managing key technologies including system design and integration, networks, and database and data center management.

Previously Chance served as President of 303 Computers, an IT services company located in Boulder, CO., and has had roles as both founding and managing partner at a number of other firms. Chance attended the University of Colorado with a specialty in Mechanical Engineering. He moved to California to lead the Statistical Thermodynamics team at Stanford University, before joining Quintes in 2017. When not solving IT problems for Quintes, Chance enjoys spending time with his daughter Fiona, hunting for seashells and reading bedtime stories.