Strengthen your plan with
expert oversight

HUB Senior VP, Mark Laughton, CPFA, C(k)P, AIF provides investment expertise for retirement plan trustees who need to fulfill their fiduciary duties. In addition, Mark’s team motivates employees to save for retirement and provides investment guidance to employees who participate. Their goal is to help every employee achieve a successful retirement. As retirement plan specialists, Mark and his team ensures that a company’s effort to sponsor a retirement plan is rewarded by maximum employee participation and appreciation for this important employee benefit.

Create optimal plan performance

Very few retirement plans operate at maximum efficiency. High costs, weak communication and poor service waste employer time and reduce employee account balances at retirement. Very few advisors qualify as retirement plan specialists. Mark’s team delivers a comprehensive investment solution for retirement plan sponsors and a motivating educational plan for eligible employees. From start-up plans to multimillion-dollar retirement plans, Mark and his team consistently deliver a cost competitive, high-touch and responsive solution.

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