Two 401(k) service models
scaled to meet your needs

One size services are a poor fit in this modern world. That’s why Quintes maintains a scalable service model tailored to match your organizational needs, resources, and goals.

Our Administrative Service model provides complete, end-to-end management and administration for your companies retirement plan. The Quintes Advisor Service model helps provide optimal plan performance by providing expert oversight. Either way, Quintes can help ensure that your employees retirement future is secure.

Administrative Services

Your end-to-end 401(k) management and administration service provider.

Advisor Services

Create the combination of services ideal for your company and employees.

Enhanced engagement through education and guidance

Wrestling with the intricacy of investment choices is tough for anyone to manage. That’s why guidance from professionals who take the time to understand and listen to your employees’ specific needs, someone who actually takes time and get to know them, is so valued by plan participants. Promoting greater understanding of the importance of saving and investing for retirement is an ongoing Quintes objective. With a complex and at times unsettled investment environment, participants look to plan providers and sponsors to help them better understand how the investment choices offered in their retirement plan can work for them.

Through ongoing hands-on education and guidance along with streamlined enroll processes, such as auto-enrollment, Quintes can help sponsors build participation and the long-term saving prospects for their employees.

The Quintes assurance

Accountability – it’s the bedrock of our corporate culture. That, and a driving passion to secure great retirement outcomes for our clients and their plan participants. Quintes’ commitment to its fiduciary duty and best practices is unwavering. At every turn, from on-boarding and shaping your program, you’re backed by a dedicated team of professionals that are deeply invested in your 401(k) plans success and ongoing compliance. It’s the kind of dedicated support that helps keep your participant program thriving while providing you access to resources, technology and regulatory knowledge that have critical importance to your plan.

Connect with Quintes

What Quintes service is right for you?

Quintes offers a scalable service model tailored to meet your organization’s needs, resources and goals. With just a few clicks, you can find the service model that is the best fit for your company.

Plan Types

Whether your company is looking to create, add or enhance your retirement plan, our team can design a plan that meets your needs. Quintes serves more than 400 retirement plans, and our consultants may include the following plans in your custom retirement plan.