Empower them today
by securing their tomorrow

Your employees are your team. The team that works side-by-side to help achieve goals and grow an enterprise. Like you, they value a trusted partner who can secure tomorrow, while their energy and your resources are focused on building for today. A partner who possesses the breadth of expertise to navigate the complexities in implementing and administering your benefits and 401(k) program. An end-to-end service provider that can manage risk, streamline processes, educate your employees and, at the end of the day, stand accountable. With Quintes at your side, the future looks very secure.

It’s time
for a PEP talk

PEP is the new language in 401(k)’s, one that is specifically designed to benefit small companies and their employees. PEPs, as a pooled plan, achieve significant economies of scale by combining assets with other adopting employers.

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