Build for the future with a PEP

A Pooled Employer Plan or PEP serves as the perfect way for small employers to foster and encourage employee retention by offering employees the opportunity to build their financial futures through a 401(k) retirement plan. Many of the hurdles to adopting a PEP have been eliminated with the SECURE Act, making it much easier for employers to participate in a professionally run defined contribution plan. Within this shared environment comes lower fees, broader investment options, and reduced fiduciary risk.

If you have an existing 401(k) you will have to “restate” your plan document by July 31, 2022, to stay in compliance – resulting in more needless work and expenses for the plan sponsor. Merging your plan into a Pooled Employer Plan eliminates this chore both now and in the future. Today could be the perfect opportunity to engage with Quintes, learn about the Quintes PEP, and meet our talented and dedicated team.

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Whether your company is looking to create, add or enhance your retirement plan, our team can design a plan that meets your needs. Quintes serves more than 400 retirement plans, and our consultants may include the following plans in your custom retirement plan.