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The Quintessential 401(k) shows you – the employer and and sponsor of the 401(k) plan – how to educate, activate, and influence your employees to save enough money to build their own retirement income for life.

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Quintes is dedicated to sharing our retirement knowledge with employers and employees, as well as giving back to our community. Promoting greater understanding of the importance of saving and investing for retirement is an ongoing Quintes objective. Through ongoing hands-on education and guidance, Quintes can help sponsors build participation and the long-term saving prospects for their employees.

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    Erisa Fidelity Bonds.

    The provisions of ERISA, which are administered by the U.S. Department of Labor, were enacted to address public concern that funds of private pension and other employee benefit plans were being mismanaged and abused. One of ERISA’s requirements is that people who handle plan funds and other property must be covered by a fidelity bond to protect the plan from losses due to fraud or dishonesty.

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    A wealth of information –
    the Quintes blog

    Your employees deserve every opportunity to reach their goal of an ideal retirement – and the Quintes blog is part of our goal to inform both employers and employees of the options and choices available to make confident financial decisions for the future.

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