In 1986, I purchased the Salinas branch office of Farzaroli & Davey’s qualified plan Third Party Administrator (TPA) business and renamed it Shearn & Associates, Inc.

For 15 years, we offered compliance services to qualified retirement plans. In 2001, I merged Shearn & Associates into Hayashi & Wayland Accounting and Consulting, LLP and became partner in the accounting firm. At the same time, I expanded our service model to include trustee investment guidance and participant education. This was  the beginning of the 30 year journey that led to the comprehensive service model we offer today. On December 31, 2015 I exchanged my partnership in Hayashi & Wayland for 100% ownership of the retirement plan division. To reflect our new structure and exciting business venture, we updated our name to Quintes Administrative and Insurance Services, Inc.

What changed

While our service model remains the same, the most noticeable change, since we’ve opened our doors as Quintes, is to our name, e-mail addresses and website. If you accidentally email us at our Hayashi & Wayland email address your email will be forwarded to our new Quintes email addresses. Most importantly, there have been no changes to our incredibly knowledgeable staff.

Where did we get the name Quintes?

Quintes is derived from the word “quintessential,” meaning the perfect example of a quality or class.  The name is a constant reminder that we continuously strive to be a perfect example of how retirement planning services should be provided. Our goal is (and always has been) to be viewed as the quintessential provider of retirement services for plan sponsors and their employees. We felt the name Quintes perfectly captured this objective.

Moving forward

At Quintes, we believe our unique comprehensive service model delivers a premier retirement plan solution for companies located on California’s central coast and in the San Francisco bay area.  Whether your company is looking to create or enhance a retirement plan, our Quintes team can deliver a plan that meets your needs.

We’re excited about the future and our ability to secure retirement outcomes for our clients and their employees. Contact anyone on our team when you are ready to start your journey to retirement.

Let’s get started!

Steve Shearn