Zachary J. Cohan

IT Technician

Although a Monterey County native, Zack departed to the great Pacific Northwest to attend the University of Puget Sound in Tacoma, Washington. His passion for critical reasoning and creative expression led him to study computer science; and eventually earn his degree in the subject. After living in the Seattle area post-graduation for awhile, he decided to abandon fast-paced city living in favor of coming back home to be near friends and family. Upon his return, he worked web development for a few different companies but never felt like “part of the team.” That all changed after coming to Quintes.

Zack works diligently to make sure the office’s tech needs are met and concerns are addressed. A technological “zack”-of-all-trades— his knowledge of databases, web development, networking and general software development make him a perfect fit to address Quintes’ diverse needs.

In his spare time, Zack makes music. A lot of it. After 15 years of playing guitar, Zack has composed nearly 500 original songs and continues to create new material on a semi-regular basis. Other hobbies include cooking, fitness, and assorted outdoor activities.